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they can range from any forms of media

[ㄱ1] seb - i record my wall for 10 seconds with nothing else to do, sorry.
[ㄱ2] 🦊 - me mixing on traktor dj studio speed garage mix 3
[ㄱ3] Sebastian - WHAR?!!?
[ㄱ4] gift - Package
[ㄱ5] Last Login - Incomprehensible, I've met with a terrible fate (EP) (2023)
[removed due to artist request]
[ㄱ7] Sebastrid - найти упоминания данного названия
[ㄱ8] :erased twink: - isn't real
[ㄱ9] ES: Volume 3 - untitled
[ㄱ10] Millie Plateaux - Digital Eclipse
[ㄱ11] 🦊 - this song is dedicated to New York City Pop stick dance drop, like the way my city rocks champaign sippin, late night dreaming, everybody (something) everybody (something) everybod, e-everybod... then goes into a drop.
[ㄱ12] 🦊 - awesome cute
[ㄱ13] Vziel Projet - Swert
[removed due to artist request]
[ㄱ15] ? - digital rain sounds.flac
[ㄱ16] ? - ?
[ㄱ17] ? - ?
[ㄱ18] AnotherBubblebath - Horse Race View 3
[ㄱ19] ? - flac clipping but opus doesnt clip :)
[ㄱ20] noisehz - No One Will Listen To This Release Because It Was Released On Not Memorable
[ㄱ21] 🦊 - Hell is a place of eternal, conscious torment for everyone w
[ㄱ22] overthinkingpauper - l0ve you 0_oo 9 (2024)
[ㄱ23] 🦊 - Bathtime!
[ㄱ24] Dxjx xHxexlxlxox xTxuxrxnx xTxhxaxtx xMxuxsxixcx xUxpx,x,x x🔥x x—x xTxoxdxaxyx xaxtx x1x:x5x6x xAxMxxtxhxexyxrxex xgxoxnxnxax xpxuxtx xtxhxaxtx xaxsx xax xfxuxcxkxixnxg - One of the strangest rare diseases on record to date is the Proteus syndrome, a condition in which different types of tissue — bones, skin, but ...
[ㄱ25] observer - who had it
[ㄱ26] observer - the pentecostal of rugged leather strings
[ㄱ28] Vatnikam Shadow - Evgeny Prigozhin Selled Hot Dogs
[ㄱ29] overthinkingpauper - libspeex @
[ㄱ30] jaiden - Thank you internet_pokemon on discogs :)
[ㄱ31] sebastian - odkpo342f9234jo3iqjfioqwjmscklsn kjcnw jknjwkqqklcnwqjkfcio2q3jfio21j3fioq23jiofjq2iodjqeod
[ㄱ32] Moral Hater - alwyas getting annoying h
[ㄱ33] CHEETAHS CAN'T ROAR - CAT KITTY CAT CAT KITTY CAT CAT TRAILER/~sample~ V:3 Take Θne listen and then mrΔowmraowmewmraowmrrppurrrmraownyanyamraowwwwmewmraowmreowmewmrowmraowmewmraownya
[ㄱ34] iwasmistaken. - (d)emo(n) 2k24